Why Choose Eyebrow Threading?

Threading is an ancient method that uses a piece of cotton thread to remove unwanted hair. Threading does not require chemicals, it takes less time than removing your hair one by one, its results last longer, it is less expensive than many modern techniques, and also less painful than waxing and less unpleasant than hair remover creams.


Eyebrow Threading

Many people do not realize the importance of well-defined eyebrows, but they can improve your appearance significantly. They frame your face and sometimes could even make your nose look thinner. If you have a special event and want your eyebrows threaded for the occasion, come visit us. At Eyebrow Hollywood, we will get rid of that extra hair, so you can look as fabulous as a celebrity on the red carpet.

eyebrow shape

Eyebrow Shape

Some people have a copious eyebrow, others have a thin line, but few people have a perfect natural eyebrow shape. If your eyebrows are not well defined and you would like to change their shape, one of our friendly staff can help you. You will notice a great difference in your face after the first time you get them done. Believe us, you will want to keep your new look forever!

upper lip threading

Upper Lip Threading

If you have a little mustache, we are quite sure you have already tried different methods to get rid of it, but have you tried threading before? Threading makes the process less painful and is faster than many other techniques. There are no chemicals involved and you do not have to deal with unpleasant odors, unlike many other hair removal methods.

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